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GPS product helps us a in our lives, GPS jammer also. As technology develops, the GPS devices play an important in our lives. It helps to find out the locations of people who lost his way in mountain and in the sea. It is an important part in navigation system. Actually it is more important for military weapons. Without the GPS system, most of our missiles can not work, most of our warships can not sail, most of our submarines can not find its way. An example of the use of the GPS system for our common people is, if an old man lost his way, we could easily find him if he carry a cell phone with GPS system.

But when we invent a good technology, it always could be used by bad guys to against us. How does a GPS device help us? By locating us. Yes, the problem comes, it could easiy tracking down our locations, which could be dangerous if our locations are exposed to illegal guys. Is it easy or difficult to expose our locations? The answer is very easy. A bad guy could easy know our locations only if he put a very small GPS device in our cars or evey in our handbags. In that case, we will be spying all the time, where we are, what we do. How to keep us in safe from that kind of illegal tracking? We could find a way to cut off GPS signal, so the GPS devices can not receive signal, thus can not work. To do this, we need a GPS jammer. The GPS jammer is a kind of any GPS technology device, it could issue a stronger signal in the same frequency to cover the GPS signal. When a GPS jammer is turned on, it could affect a certain range, in that range, all GPS devices could not receive or send out signal, thus can not work.

Is it difficult to operate a GPS jammer? No, it is very easy to operate a GPS jammer, all you need to do is turning it on to make it work, and turning it off to stop the use. Will it do any harm to our GPS devices or other electronic devices? No, the GPS jammer only cuts off the GPS signal, it will not hurt any electronic device including the GPS devices. After the GPS jammer is turned off, all GPS jammers will come back to work in a minute. Will the GPS jammer affect the use of normal GPS devices? NO, you need to calculate what you need. For example, if you need to protect your car location from illegal tracking, you need only a mini GPS jammer that could jam only 2 to 10 meters. Before you buy a GPS jammer, you need to calculate how long you need to jam and buy a corresponding GPS jammer. Will it agains the law to use a GPS jammer? You need to check the law of your own country. Different countries have different rule about the GPS jammmers. In some countries the GPS jammer is allowed to be used, while in some countries it is illegal to buy or use a GPS jammer.

How to buy a GPS blocker ? Please come to our websie, here you could see many GPS jammers. You could select the right one that you need, pay online and waiting the parcel to come. Normally, after we receive your order and payment, we need 1-2 days to make prepare and double check the product, and in another 3-6 days the parcel will come to your hands. How is the quality in our website? We are a leading supplier of GPS jammers, all our products are under double checked before it is packed and sent out. And we offer an easy return of goods, if you find any quality problem after you receive the item, you could send it back to us in one month to change a new one or get back payment.

You are welcome to come to our website to take a look at our products. If you have any question, you could send us emails, or you could leave us message in our website.


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Wifi technology brings convenience to our life, while wifi jammer protects us from the danger of wifi. Wifi is dangerous? Yes. The wifi devices make us live a wireless network life. Many of us may still remember some years ago we must use a cable to connect our computers to network. This will cause trouble if you have many termials need to connect to the network. You will see there are so many cables in your room or in your office that your places will be messed up. Especially when the cables have been connected not so well, a slight movement will cause some devices failed to connect to Internet. It is really headache. Now we have wireless network technology, our network terminals are free from the cables. In a certain place our computer our cell phones could remain online no matter what we do, walking, talking, sitting, standing. But problems also come with the wifi that someone could tap into our computer or cell phones by wifi to record down all your conversation and other important data. How to get us away of this kind wireless danger? How to use our wifi without any danger? Yes, we need the wifi jammer.

Before you buy a wifi jammer, you need to know more about it. We could discuss it from wifi technology base as beginning. As you know, both WiFi and Bluetooth frequency bands are commonly used to get access to the wireless internet. During working, both the wifi and bluetooth use 2.4GHZ frequency to send or receive data. Wifi and bluetooth technology are used widely in our lives, the make us live in convenient. But things not always in good side, the WiFi and Bluetooth frequencies may be used by bad guys or the government for shady activities, wich will cause danger to people who use it. More over, WiFi could be also used to track your location, mostly through hotspot location triangulation. There are too many examples that wifi is used for indoor tracking that is spreading with high speed. In the same way, the bluetoogh could be used for indoor tracking also, particularly in Bluetooth beacons tracking technology. Now the question comes, how to protect our privacy and hide our location indoors? To protect us from wifi and bluetooth tracking danger, we need the wifi jammer and bluetooth jammer. As we mentioned above that all wireless signal jammer, bluetooth jammer and wifi jammer work on 2.4 GHz frequency so actually you need only one device, that is 2.4 GHz wireless jammer. A 2.4 GHz wireless jammer could protect our personal data in the use of wireless network, it can anti the illegal spying by webcam.

Another dangerous example is smart house systems. Through it we could put all electronic devices together with network. But technology always will cause problem if you use it in a wrong way. All these kind of connected housewares may become eyes and ears in your own house, all of them could be served as exposure of your privacy to the government and other persons. That is why we need portable or destop wifi jammer.

After we turn on a wifi blocker , it will stop the use of wifi or bluetooth or other Internet electronic products, it could effectively protect our privacy and our locations from illegal tracking. To make sure you won't be spied, to make sure your private meetings, business operations or any other events of your life are safe, you will need wifi jammer and bluetooth jammer.


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As technology develops, there are more and more electronic devices in our lives. Human depends on the electronic products in many things. Among them is the mobile phone and mobile phone jammer . We must say, there are no any other electronic devices that could be so important for us than the mobile phone. The mobile phones are becoming thinnger and thinner, but more and more powerful. Many functions are added to our mobile phones now, the result is the mobile phone kills many kinds of other electronic products while we use our mobile phones in longer and longer time. What kinds of electronic devices it killed? The mobile phone is good at taking photos, we don't need to carry a camera with us in travelling, so it killed the camera. The mobile phone are combined with GPS system, it could be used as a helpful navigation system, so it killed the navigation devices. The moile phone are very powerful in playing game, we don't need to buy a separate game box, so it kill the game boxes. You can fina many other examples like these. That is why we use our mobile phones at every time and every where. Wait, using the mobile phones at any time and any where? Problem comes. We use our mobile phones every where at all time, we feel anxious when we couldn't use mobile phones. What to do for many places that mobile phone noise is not welcome? For example, are you happy when you are watching a movie but there is a mobile phone suddenly rings near you? Are you happy when you are playing in a church but there is a mobile phone suddenly rings nearby? Are you happy when you are watching a book in a library but there is a mobile phone suddenly rings near your ears? Think about it, I am sure you have many experience like these.

Now you have known that, yes, the mobile phones sometimes will cause trouble to us. What can we do for that? What can we do for the mobile phone noise? We have the answer above, it is the mobile phone jammer. What is mobile phone jammer? It is a kind of anti mobile phone devices. It could issue a strong signal, this signal is strong enough to cover and hide the mobile phone signal. It could effectively affect the mobile phone signal so all mobile phones in a certain range can not receive the mobile phone signal. In this way, all mobile phones in that certain place could not work. Will the mobile phone jammer cause any harm to us or to our mobile phones? The mobile phone jammer only affect and cut the mobile phone signal, it won't hurt our body or our mobile phones or any other electronic devices. It start to work when you turn it on, and stop working when you turn it off. After it is turned off, the mobile phone signal will become normal soon, and all mobile phones that are blocked will come back to work in a minute.

How to selecto a good mobile phone blocker ? There are many kinds of mobile phone jammers, some are portable mobile phone jammers, some are desktop mobile phone jammers; some are single function mobile phone jammers, some are multifunctions mobile phone jammers. You could come to our website to take a look, we have many article in our website about mobile phone jammmers. From these article you could learn more about it, and you could know how to select a suitable mobile phone jammer. If you have further questions, you could also send us email or leave message to us in our website, we are happy to answer you at any time.


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Why do we need a cell phone jammer ? Cell phone is a very helpful device for all of us. It has affected our life deeply. It helps us to do many things that used to be difficult or complicate. With the help of the cell phone, we could live easier life. You may have experience that if you went out for a trip ten years ago, you need to carry many things with you. You need to take a camera to take photos; you need to carry a portable computer to login Internet to receive or send emails; you need to carry much cash or credit card to pay you bills; you need to carry a game box if you like to play game in your trip; you need to carry a book to kill you time in the train; you need to install a navigation device in your car if you drive out; Of course you need to carry your cell phone with you to keep communications with your family and your friends. But now all these devices are no needed any more, all you need is just to carry a cell phone with you. It could do all above things effectively. The smart phone becomes more and more powerful, and it beccomes our closer friend in our lives. You can see people use cell phone every where all the time. You can see that person will be unhappy if they forget his cell phone at home.

Now problem comes, what can we do to restrict the use of cell phones in a certain place? OK, first, why do we need to restrict the use of cell phones? There are some places that cell phone is not welcome, it will cause noise and other trouble in that kinds of places. These kinds of places include but not limit to church, law court, exam room, conference room, library, restaurant, prison, concert, movie center and so on. You can see that the use of cell phones in above places will disturb us, will put us in trouble. We have to find a solution for that. The cell phone jammer will be a perfect device to help us in that purpose. The cell phone jammer, which is a high technology electronic device, can do a lot in getting us out of noise trouble. It could issue a strong signal to hide and cover cell phone signal between the tower and the cell phones, so all cell phones in a certain place could not receive and send out signal, thus can not work. This is an effective way to solve the problem. The cell phone jammer only block the cell phone signal, it won't hurt the cell phone devices or other electronic devices. It is simple to use and control, turn it on to make it work, turn it off to stop it.

With the use of the cell phone blocker , we could control the use of cell phones in a certain pleace at a certain time. We don't need to make complicate setting, we don't need to process complicate procedure, just turn it on or turn it off. With the use of the cell phone jammer, we could enjoy our peaceful lives again, no cell phone noise could disturb us, no headache. How to get a cell phone jammer? Just come to our website, select what you want, input how many quantity, enter your address, finish the payment online by credit cards, we will ship it to you in about one week. It is very simple. Why choose us? We are a leading supplier that has long time experience in this field. In the past years, we have served many customers from all over the world.