Etrac Two Tone Ferrous and Ironed-In Sites

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Etrac Two Tone Ferrous and Ironed-In Sites was created by thedayawaits
Hey all,

I was out in the woods yesterday searching for an old log cabin site (long since gone). I think I may have found the site as I am finding lots of old iron targets in the ground, and I started to experiment with the Etrac sound settings to try to better hunt this heavily ironed-in area.

I usually use 4- or Multi- and Conductive sound settings, but I have read lately about the use of 2-tone and Ferrous to enhance findings at ironed out sites. The basis of this is that a high tone, indicating a non-ferrous target, causes one to pay closer attention to the conductive readout and makes one more likely to analyze and dig good targets. On the same line, using Ferrous tones eliminates the problem of getting false high conductive tones from large iron targets. I used TTF for a short time before having to start the long trek back, but only heard ferrous or "mixed"/variable targets, which I passed after digging a few.

Anyone else out there played around with two tone ferrous? What was your success with it?

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