Lost Treasure LogoThe Findsbook Online Community has been highlighted in the July 2011 Issue of Lost Treasure Magazine. If you are not a subscriber, click here to get subscribed and definitely hit a news stand ASAP! Carla's editorial "The Coined Phrase" highlights the impact of social networking on treasure hunting and Findsbook is mentioned among Facebook and Twitter.

Lost Treasure ArticleFindsbook is the first social networking community of its kind dedicated to Treasure Hunters. So why not kick back and spend a little time reading thru the forums, looking at the photos and watching the videos; and feel free to offer your suggestions! We are still growing and adding new features all the time. Be sure to use the Chat Room for group chat sessions 24x7 and of course there is one-on-one chat available to keep up with your Treasure Hunting Buddies LIVE! The forum is always open to post your Finds and even a social section for non treasure related discussion.

I would like to thank Carla Banning, the managing editor of Lost Treasure magazine, for taking the time to visit Findsbook, signup and participate in our community. I have always thought we have the most unique group of well rounded members. Everyone readily contributes their knowledge and experiences with such a great feeling of camaraderie. This is what an online community should be about. Thank you to all the members and a special thank you Carla for recognizing the strengths of this group and spreading the word.